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"God Cent" - Sterling Silver Pendant

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God Cent is intended as an affirmation and inspiring pendant and charm. Transcending religious beliefs, the pendant allows for people to wear this piece in respects to whomever they believe in or subscribe to. "God Cent," plays on the phrase God Sent, however it goes deeper by implying that we cherish our own "value" and worth by using the word "cent." Gift it to yourself or to anyone who you value as being sent (cent) from God and making a difference in the world.

This hand forged silver pendant was created by second generation artist and jeweler Edreys, in honor of the handmade tradition and legacy which was started by his father Amon Ra.

Also a writer and poet, Edreys uses words as an art form, combined with draftsmanship and visual art in order to make unique jewelry pieces and heirlooms.


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