Cultrue, Inc


Cultrue, Inc. is a non profit organization focusing on arts and education for underserved and underprivileged youth. 


Cultrue, Inc. (Cul-TRUE) is a non-profit started in 2018 by the owners of Eat off Art, Alexa & Edreys Wajed, our focus is on underserved and underprivileged youth - arts, creativity, mental health, mentorship, scholarship and changing the narrative from starving artist to THRIVING artists. We strive to encourage and support young artists and artists/creatives in general while providing a safe community space, whether virtually or in person, to simply create and be themselves without judgement or bias.

 Programming - Cultrue, Inc. is currently looking for programming from a 501(c)3 perspective that supports African American communities and youth in education, arts and mentorship.

 Scholarship - In 2019 our son was provided the opportunity to attend the NYSSSA as an alternate, unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to gather the funds to get him there. Thankfully our community pulled together and we were able to raise more money than was needed. Our goal has been to start a Made by Mek scholarship fund, for young people to be able to attend the NYSSSA or provide funds for students who would like to take some art classes locally. 

 If you would like to discuss your programs or contribute to the Made by Mek scholarship, you can send your donations to Cultrue, Inc a 501(c)3 company. Contact us at (716) 200-6032 or email us at 



Eat Off Art X Cultrue, Inc. : Supporting Buffalo Black Business

Eat Off Art and Cultrue Inc. are celebrating Black History month again this year but with a special twist!  We will not only be highlighting and celebrating three local Black businesses on our website, we will be creating select merchandise for each of the businesses that will be for sale to raise more brand awareness and funds to help support the businesses.  We want to celebrate and support Black owned businesses that have a long history in Buffalo within the Jefferson Avenue Business district

From February 8th through March 31 special branded merchandise for Doris Records, Zawadi Books and The Challenger News will be available on

With every purchase proceeds from the sales will be shared to the business you support. 

As business owners we want to support and spread the word about local Black businesses "We are more than just February!”